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In Touch Counseling Services centers on helping clients heal from past wounds, grow to be the person they aspire to be, and thrive in their lives and relationships. Our team of health professionals  understand that sometimes we find ourselves on “auto-pilot,” lose our direction, and maybe compromise those things most valuable to us. At In Touch Counseling Services, we use a holistic approach to partner with clients to help them proactively strengthen their relationships and personal wellbeing.

Whether you need someone to talk to, someone to lend advice, or someone to support and encourage you, connect with us for more information.

Our Specialties

Discover how the services that we offer will empower you to find a path to healing and recovery.

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of providers that will help you create changes that you want and need.

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Getting Started

If you don’t know what to expect from the process it feels a bit scary. Let us be your guide.

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Alpha Stim

Feeling depressed, anxious or having difficulty sleeping? Learn how the Alpha-Stim can help.

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Workshops and Groups Forming Now!


  • Apps & Art- Enjoy creating art together.


  • Belly Bliss- Explore the world of probiotics and digestion.
  • Social Skills for Children – A place for kids to learn how to interact with the world around them.
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