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Mental Health Intake Process

Once you contact us, someone will contact you to conduct a brief  phone screening to see whether our are fit for any of our providers are a good fit for you.  If the screening suggests that we have a provider that would be a good fit for you, then insurance information (if you plan to use it) will be taken.  We will check  your eligibility and benefits prior to your first appointment and provide you with and estimated cost, so you have a better sense of how much treatment will cost.  Any information provided to us by your insurance carrier is not a guarantee of payment.  It is the patient’s responsibility to be informed by their health plan as to their level of coverage.

If you decide to set up an initial consultation you will be given access to our secure website where you can fill out our intake forms. The initial consultation usually takes 45-50 minutes and involves a thorough assessment of what you are struggling with, relevant background information and a formation of treatment goals.

The intake is not a commitment to therapy, but rather a chance to meet your potential therapist and to give both parties a chance to see if you will work well together. If your provider does not believe they are an excellent fit for you, they will refer you to someone else. We strive to provide therapy to people who fit with our specialty areas and to refer those people out who are a not a good fit, so that they can find the right person.

Nutrition Counseling and Wellness Coach Intake Process

Once you contact us, someone will contact you for a brief phone screening to determine if our nutrition and wellness coach might be a good fit for you.

If you decide that it might be a good fit and would like to schedule an intake appointment, you will be given access to our website where you can fill out our intake forms.

The  45 minute intake takes an in-depth look at your current lifestyle, diet, health concerns and goals. You and the nutritionist/ wellness coach will dive deep and work on getting to the root causes of why you are experiencing symptoms. You will come away from this session with a more concrete understanding of what’s going on with your health, some recipe ideas, and lifestyle tips – as much or as little as you as feel you can reasonably take on.

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